Why It’s a Good Idea to Book a Wedding in a Hotel

Weddings, a kind of a ceremony that binds a man and a woman as one. Each religion has a wedding process that they follow that are unique of their own. For the most part, weddings are sacred, and it’s a celebration, it’s a day where both families from different backgrounds meet to be as one. While weddings are beautiful to look at especially in movies and commercials, the fact is weddings are hard especially in cultures, religion, and countries where wedding couples hassle for their weddings.

During the day of the wedding it’s like pure bliss, happiness, it’s like the day where the world stops to watch the union of two souls in becoming one and after the wedding is a sign of relief that the wedding is over and the 3 months to a year preparation and hustling is already done. One of the most talked about topic has always been the wedding venue and for an excellent reason. Wedding venues should be aligned with the theme, and that has always been one of the common areas of an argument. 

There are many venues for a wedding:For a beach wedding, you get the beach; for a more rustic feel, the countryside is a good place. If you want a sea wedding, renting a chartered yacht is the way to go, but how about a hotel as a venue? It’s big enough for the most part and it’s like a blank canvas that you can match to your theme. Sure, it’s confined in the four walls of the building but if you can execute it properly, it can work and it will work; you just need some really solid help in order to pull it off.

Its weatherproof: Don’t you know that when you’re in a hotel venue, your wedding is weatherproof? No need to wait for the rain to finish, no need to cancel the wedding because of a severe storm coming and many other things that mother nature can throw at you. So what if there’s a shower of rain? So, what if there’s a storm? You’re not going to get wet anyway, so the wedding resumes!

It’s a controlled environment: Aside from being weatherproof, the environment is controlled, meaning it’s a place where almost anything can be possible and manipulated. You can place your lights, projectors, decors, tables, chairs, beverages, food according to your liking. It might not be an outside venue, but it’s still good and more than acceptable for many couples especially the ones that lived in the city all their lives.

Weddings are ideally a once in a lifetime experience, and it’s a celebration on a special day where two different families unite. This is the reason why many have prepared for the moment, and one of the things that most people discuss during weddings is the venue. While dream weddings are usually imagined in the beach, in the yacht or whatever, it can’t be denied that hotel rooms are also one of the places that are being considered for the reason that it’s like a blank canvass, it is weatherproof, and it is a controlled environment. No external factors can make it go wrong except for some human error. If you’re looking for wedding hall in georgetown Penang, visit Sunway Hotel Georgetown.