Lettiza Bakery: Home of the Best Handcraft Pizzas

Why do people are so hook with pizza?

I mean, that round crispy crust with bacon, cheese, mushrooms on top makes almost all of people head over heels in love with it. Even scientist could not explain the phenomenal pizza has for people, and people has for pizza.

It is indeed that one food people could never say no when it is at the table, waiting.

You can see that in every occasion, either a family picnic or a fancy dinner, pizza will never be late in the menu. After all, it’s delicious, quick and best of all, there’s a combination of toppings for absolutely everyone. In fact, it is now the ultimate comfort food and it never bores out people.

So since we are talking a lot much about Pizza, this blog post will talk to you about this famous Handcraft Pizza Store, the Letizza Bakery.

About Letizza Bakery

Letizza Bakery is famous for their handcrafted pizza with original taste and flavors to it. Their bakery was established in Australia in the year 1992. Later on a new name was launched  by the Gilvarry family, it was named Letizza Pizza Bases.

Since then, the range has continued to grow and develop, and they are now offering a host of products to both the retail and foodservice markets throughout Australia, New Zealand and even in South East Asia.

Letizza Bakery has passion for baking handcrafted pizza bases, and all are made to an authentic Italian recipe, using only carefully selected quality ingredients. No wonder why a lot of people patronized them so much because they bring delicious, and out of the world pizza flavors for the people.

What Distinguished Them…

There are a lot of pizza parlor all over the world but what really makes Letizza’s handcraft pizza store different?

Simple, because their pizza are made with hands full of passion and dedication to the pizza world. That even them themselves could not help but take a bite of their own pizza.

gourmet quality pizza

Apart from that, here are also some qualities that Letizza Bakery’s pizza has:

  • Hand crafted pre-baked Pizza Bases,
  • Authentic Italian recipe,
  • 100% Australian family owned business,
  • Convenient,
  • Quick and easy,
  • Versatile,
  • Large range of sizing,
  • Cost effective,
  • 100% Australian made, and
  • Unique products not just pizza bases.

Lettiza Baker’s Recipes 

Of course, the secret to delicious pizza is by how it is made, and what it is made of.

Here are two of Lettiza’s Handcraft pizza store’s best selling pizzas and their recipes.

1 Potato and Rosemary Pizza

This is a delicious white base pizza option for the family. It has the perfect oven roasted smell of potato and rosemary. So if you’re a fan of anchovies add some for a salty taste!

Recipes are:

  • Letizza Pizza Base
  • Slice potato
  • Parmesan
  • Anchovies
  • Rosemary

2 Classic Letizza Margarita

This is definitely an italian classic and a favorite. It is usually enjoyed with fresh basil and bocconcini or mozzarella on top.

Recipes are:

  • Letizza Pizza Base
  • Tomato Pizza Paste
  • Pizza Cheese
  • Bocconcini
  • Fresh Tomatoes
  • Basil

Now, are you craving to try their pizzas? You can just go to their website at www.letizza.com.au to check out an overview of the gourmet quality pizza!