Discover the Bordeaux Wine Routes

Bordeaux region has 6 wine wonderful routes. To the north-west, the Medoc and its Route des Chateaux. To the south, you will find Sauternes and Graves, the cradle of the Bordeaux vineyards. To north-east, there is the Saint-Emilionregion and its medieval village.

Then, Blaye and Bourg which are connected by the cornice road overlook the estuary. And of course, there are the Bordeaux-Entre-deux-Mers region, also called the Bordeaux Tuscany, and Bordeaux city itself which is the gateway to the vineyards.

Travel the Wine Routes

Discover theworld’s largest and best-known domain of fine wines by following those 6 routes in Bordeaux. Prepare to be impressed by the 117 000 havineyards. It will be the best occasion to find more than 50 categories of wine. Plus, the journey will allow you to discover an interesting ancestral heritage and remarkable architecture. It will also be a golden opportunity to taste mythical varieties which are way more diversified than in other regions.

Among the red wines, there are inter alia the Merlot, the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Cabernet Franc. Among the white wines, you will find Sauvignon, Muscadelle, Semillon, etc. The best way to travel along the Bordeaux Wine Routes is to participate in a wine tour in that very destination.

Tours on the Bordeaux Wine Routes

Visiting the Bordeaux region is discovering6 great roads which all marked by evocative names of tasted fine winesor even those that you have always dreamed to taste one day. La Route des Chateaux is located in the Médoc. It extends over 80 kilometers from the north of Bordeaux to Pointe de Grave. This is the domain of some great Grand Cru such asPauillac, St Estèphe, St Julien, Margaux andMoulis.

La Route des Coteaux is located alongside the estuary of the Garonne. This vineyard trail leads to the region of Brayais and Bourgeais. La Route du Patrimoinewill make you discover world-class vineyards and authentic villages. This is the domain of Pomerol, but Saint-Emilion has other must-see assets since this village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You will be fascinated by the castles and the Romanesque churches of La Route des Bastides. La Route des Graves will take you to the gates of the Landes region. The vineyardsproduce red, white and sweet wines of all types but The Sauternes remainsits most beautiful jewel. Finish your wine tour in town where you can find other vineyards and gastronomic restaurants serving local fine wines.

About the art of tasting, never forget to associate a Bordeaux wine with local dishes. For instance, you can taste oysters of the Bay of Arcachonwith a local white, a grilled lamprey with a Saint-Emilion, a grilled shad with a pink Bordeaux, etc.