A Guide to Basic Survival Gears

The future holds a lot of possibilities. Unfortunately, no one can predict what the future may bring. The least that you can do is to prepare for what is coming from gathering basic survival gears and join basic survival training while it is early.

The good news is that there is a survival gear list that you should consider. This list will allow you to secure the things that matter most. Here are the gears that you need to survive:


Knives are plain but it can be functional when you are faced with an unfortunate situation. Actually, many survival experts consider the knife as the most important survival tool. A good knife can provide resources to create tools and secure needed items to improve the odds of surviving. Basically, knives are helpful to build a fire, hunt and fight off an attack.

You have to remember that the most preferred survival knife is a sheath knife with a full tang, not a folding knife. When you hear full tang, it usually refers to a piece of metal that is filed into a blade on one end of the knife and spreading through the handle’s length. When choosing, you need to think about the size of the blade, width, the metal used, hand grips and sheath.

Energy bars

In the event that you cannot find food, you will still survive because of the energy bars. These bars are helpful to give you sustained energy and to prevent a possible crash.

Water filter

When you are in the wilderness, you do not want to drink nasty water. Water is essential in survival. Access to clean water should be a priority. With this, you need a mini water filter. These portable water filters are designed to eliminate the microscopic particulate as well as dangerous bacteria from the water.

Survival tarps

Bringing a tent can be inconvenient that is why you have to utilise a survival tarp. High-quality survival tarps are lightweight and waterproof with enough anchor points to build a tent or a temporary shelter.

Survival hammock

Hammocks are famous beach essential but it can also be used for survival. Hammocks will keep you off the ground. If you need to sleep in a tree, hammocks are useful.


A survivalist needs some sort of illumination. Lighting is crucial especially when moving at night. The flashlight should be on the list.


It is important that you learn how to make fire without any match or lighters. If in case you are still starting, you should never forget to pack a lighter.


When you are calling out the attention of rescuers, a whistle can make a difference. Make sure that you choose a whistle that can travel a long distance and can get lots of attention.

Now that you know the gears, the next thing to do is look for something that can store it all. You should have a disaster kit. Disaster kit can save lives, especially during a crisis. Every homeowner should have one.