A Beginner’s Guide To International Travel

If there is anything in a person’s bucket list, one of it is international travel. Traveling lets you venture around to see the different and amazing things that the beautiful world can offer.

Even if you travel along with a family, friend or yourself — it can be scary and requires a lot of preparation. But don’t worry, we got you covered.

1. Apply for a passport. This is your most prized possession when traveling abroad, you must always keep that little book safe at all cost.

2. Reach your dream destination. Still not sure where to go? Read around http://disneypacking.strikingly.com/ to get that wanderlust spot!

3. Don’t be afraid to explore. Start researching about the place that got your attention.

4. Check for Visas and travel requirements. Inquire first the travel requirements for your nationality before you start booking tickets and accommodation.

5. Consider your budget. It is important to spend your cash only to what you love when travel. Save your money so you can splurge on things that will remind you of the place you visited.


6. Apply for a travel rewards credit card if accessible. There are plenty of options in the market to meet your requirements and a lot of them come up with a welcome bonus you can convert for discounts on airfare, accommodation, and car rentals around the globe plus you can earn miles on your travel-related expenses.

7. Plan an itinerary. Opening hours vary from each country while some activities are seasonal so make sure to dig online for all the information you can get!

8. Book your flight. Not all travel websites offer the same price, do your searching and asking before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

9. Book your accommodation. Depending on your location, you might not need reservations. Do what works best for you.

10. Buy a travel insurance. This will provide you with a plan that can cover you for any unforeseen accidents and even missed flights.

11. Get the right luggage size. It is a rule for any passenger airports to allow them to carry one handbag and one personal item onto the flight. It is advisable to go to your preferred airline’s website and read their luggage rules.

12. Make sure to have the basic flight etiquette:

1. Before your boarding class gets called, don’t stand up.

2. Wait for your turn to get your luggage once your flight has landed.

3. Understand that the person sitting in the middle seat gets both of the interior armrests.

4. Use headphones instead if you want to listen to songs.

5. Only place your bag in the cabin over your seat.

6. Wheel your bag in with the handle facing out.

7. Place your handbag under your seat.

8. Do not clog the aisle with your bags.

If you have completely planned everything and settle the needs for your travel, go! An adventure will be one of the greatest things to experience in life, do what you want and go where you want to go — you’ll never regret it.