Why Travellers Love Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is not a place where you permanently live. That would take away its appeal as a prime spot for holiday travel. Instead, you want to make the island your home away from home. Otherwise, you are denying yourself the pleasure of making this a place to which you can escape.

You also want to experience the luxury resort atmosphere the island provides, which you will savour by booking a room at a place such as the Governor’s Lodge Resort Hotel. This subtropical paradise makes it possible for you to fly in and enjoy a holiday whenever you have some free time.

An Ideal Way to Spend a Holiday

Not only are you assured of great food and a lovely accommodation but you can also stroll to nearby shops and attractions. Enjoy amenities such as a heated spa, pool, reception, and scheduled tours. Everything is in close range so you can experience an ideal holiday.

Visit Norfolk Island National Park

Some of the must-see attractions you have to visit on Norfolk Island include Emily Bay and the Norfolk Island National Park. Norfolk Island itself is an Australian island that is located in the South Pacific and is represented by such natural landmarks as Norfolk pines and towering cliffs. In fact, the Norfolk Island National Park provides a panoramic view of the island area that allows you to see lush palm forests and a sky always seemingly coloured a cerulean blue.

a place such as the Governor’s Lodge Resort Hotel

Visiting the Norfolk Island Museum

If you visit the capital of Kingston, you will want to stop by the Norfolk Island Museum. Visiting the museum is a great way to introduce yourself to the island’s history and past. You will also want to visit the Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area, a spot that features the ruins of a once British-run penal colony.

St. Barnabas Chapel

Some of the nature areas you may want to include on your itinerary include Duncombe Bay and the Cockpit Waterfall. You also want to stop by St. Barnabas Chapel. The chapel is a lovely church that is surrounded by equally lovely scenery. Just as the other buildings on Norfolk Island, this building is steeped in the area’s history. You can see this church on your own or as part of a tour group. Some of the visitors comment that they like the inlays set at the end of the pews.

Take a Swim in Emily Bay

People love Emily Bay because it is a swim-friendly watering spot that also provides visitors with a floating platform as well. You can also snorkel at this location. You will not experience any waves so you cannot surf. Nevertheless, you might consider sunbathing here during the cooler months of the year. You can also enjoy great views across the reef any time that you visit the popular bay