Why do You Have to Apply for ESTA to Travel to the USA?

The Electronic System for Travel Authorizationor ESTA was set up by the US Internal Security Organfor two main reasons. The first one is to reinforce the security of the territory by adding a prior check for travelers who benefit from this authorization. The second reason is to make it easier for travelers to enter the United States by simplifying the application procedure.Thus, for any trip to the United States, an ESTA will be required. But why is it absolutely imperative to obtain this authorization?

ESTA Authorization IsRequired for any Entry into the United States

This electronic system for travel authorization was developed under the Visa Waiver Program in 2008 and made mandatory on January 2009. The program allows the nationals of the member countries to benefit from a facilitated procedure to enter the United States. However, even if the program consists of a reduction of the formalities, the travel authorization remains obligatory. Thus, you have to fill an ESTA application form online if plan to take a trip to the USA in the near future.


Therefore, whether you want to go to the United States for tourism or for business, it is necessary to obtain this authorization in advanceif the stay will last less than 90 days. Otherwise, you can be severely sanctioned by the US immigration services. Indeed, without the USA ESTA authorization, you are likely to be rejected when boarding the flight to the country, or delayed with heavier paperwork. This is why it is recommended to always apply for ESTA whenever you plan to go to the United States of America.

Who Can Apply for USA ESTA?

Any national from the 37 eligible countries which also benefit from the Visa Waiver Program are allowed to do an application for this electronic system travel authorization. Among them are the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Republic of Korea, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, France, Italy, Greece, Hungary and Japan. If you are from one of those countries, the ESTA application is mandatory to be able to enter the American territory.

Although, it should be noted that all travelers from non-beneficiaries of the Visa Waiver Program will have to obtain a traditional visa. Anyway, it is easier to get an ESTA than a visa. You just have to choose the right website for the application and you will receive your travel authorization in the best conditions.