Top Reasons to Visit Egypt

Egypt is famous for its captivating history and ancient treasures, but Egypt has more to offer than you might think. Egypt is a country that should be in your bucket list. There is a lot to experience from the bizarre waters, expansive golden beaches to outstanding architecture and natural therapies. The following are 13 reasons why you should choose Egypt as your next destination.

It Is One of the Most Ancient Civilisations in the World

Ancient Egypt is amongst the most fascinating and olden civilizations on the planet. From the ancient Egyptians’ tombs and statues to The Great Pyramids of Giza, which is the only standing ancient wonder, top archaeologists, as well as tourists from around the world, continue to be captivated by the feats of this ancient civilization. Up to this date, there are still a lot left to be discovered of the Egyptian civilization.

It Is Home to the Longest River on Earth

Extending a length of about 6,695 km and draining into the Mediterranean, the Nile River ranks as the longest river in the world. Furthermore, tourists can travel through the Nile to visit numerous attractions. Luxor and Aswan are the most prominent attractions along the Nile.

You Can Follow in the Footsteps of Moses

Jabal Al Tor, popularly known as Mount Moses, is considered a holy site and tourists from varying religions including Judaism, Christianity, and Judaism visit the site. Mount Moses is the place where prophet Moses, peace be with him, was handed the divine commandments from Allah. Situated in the charming Sinai Peninsula, it also offers a great site for mountain climbing and hiking.

The Undersea is Extraordinary

The Red Sea is the most ideal place to dive not only in Egypt but also in the world. It offers varying diving locations for a memorable experience. Once you witness the bright corals and the vibrant fish, you’ll just want to remain down there forever. Egypt is the ultimate diver’s paradise considering the numerous diving opportunities it offers such as liveaboards, drifts, shore dives, day boats, pinnacles, walls, and wrecks.

It Is One of the Most Ancient Civilisations in the World

The Beaches Are Out of This World

Egypt’s beaches are something out of a fantasy. The country boasts outstanding beaches that give other international beaches a run for their money. They have golden soft sands making for the perfect spot for honeymooners, friends, family, and solo travellers. You cannot dare to miss the natural pools, crystal blue waters, and the wave beaches.

It Is a Playground for Water Sports Champions

El Gouna, Ras Sudr, Hurghada, Safaga, and Dahab are amongst the best kite and windsurfing destinations in the world and they are all in Egypt. Kite and windsurfers travel from around the globe to train in these locations considering the perfect weather and calm safe waters. Even if you are a champion in the making, Egypt is also home to some of the top kite and windsurfing schools. So, it might be time to sharpen your skills.

The Weather Is Pleasant throughout the Year

The high season in Egypt lasts all year round thanks to its range of tourist attractions. While winter is the most ideal time to visit historic sites as most of them are situated in the desert regions, summer offers the best time to go diving.

Safari Desert Trips Are the Best in Egypt

Egypt’s desert covers about 90% of the landmass, which makes it the best spot for desert activities. A safari trip is the most effective way of exploring the white and black desert or the oasis. Why not camp here and enjoy the overall experience?
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