History of Walt Disney World

As we all know Walt Disney World is one of the most renowned theme parks all over the world. And it is also considered to be the largest theme park. This not only acts as a place for recreation, but this is a world to experience the magical moments which are to be remembered throughout life. This article is a dedication for the people who want to know better about the Walt Disney. An overall review of their history is mentioned below.

History of Walt Disney World


The origin of this theme park involved more effort and creative ideas which paid way for their success in future. This park of built in the year 1955 in California. The exact location of this park is Anaheim which is a famous city in California. When this park was developed, the builders were more cautious about the thing that the park should be entertaining for kids and as well as for the adults. And obviously it can be said that they are very successful over their attempt. Since the opening of this theme park, they were successful. They attained greater popularity all over the world within short span of time.


After their successful start, the Disney World has undergone various changes and expansion which added to their credits to a greater extent. The most important thing which is to be noted in their expansion process is the Disney World’s Villas and Disney World resorts. More tourists from different parts of the world showed immense interest in making use of these facilities. And later in the year 2014, the expansion of phase 2 had best impression among the audience. It can be said that each and every step in building this theme park involved more creativity and innovation. And obviously these are some of the secrets for their success in spite of various theme parks around the world.

Online booking

Since this is one of the busiest theme parks in the world, Disney World planned to keep things easier for the visitors. And this is the reason why they provided the option of booking tickets through online. The visitors can book their tickets in advance and can enjoy visiting this magical world without any hassles. Once after booking the ticket, the only thing which they are supposed to concentrate is Disney World packing list. Obviously this is more important to have a highly satisfied trip in this magical world.