Helping Travellers to Know the Best Way to See La Sagrada Familla

The largest Roman Catholic Cathedral Sagrada Familla is truly a master piece of art and architecture. As it is the most popular sightseeing destination for every tourist visiting Spain, the traveller needs to consider the best possible way to visit the sacred place easily without any trouble.

Travellers wishing to see the Church splendour without any inconvenience needs to open website of valued information provider like TripIndicator. Otherwise log on to official tourism website of La Sagrada Familla to know the convenient way to visit the heavenly place of Jesus Christ built by well acclaimed architect, Gaudi.

The best way to visit the holy place:

  • Book your tickets in advance online. Sometimes even online tickets get sold. If you know the date of visiting the cathedral, it is best to book your tickets in advance. Make sure to pay more for visiting the towers as the breath-taking view from top of the towers shouldn’t be missed.
  • Be aware of the extra charges while booking the tickets. While booking tickets to enter the cathedral you don’t have to pay for the guide. Moreover, there is audio guide available in different languages to help in knowing more about the cathedral and its architecture. Many tourism firms lure tourists to pay more for the guide and lavish other charges like paying extra to view the crypt inside the sacred premises.
  • Know the perfect timing to visit the church. Fortunately, like other touring places, the church doesn’t close on Monday. As many visitors may think it is close you have ample chance to move freely while enjoying the attractions in the interior of the church.
  • In order to save time many visitors consider that guided tour isn’t necessary. That won’t help you to enjoy the wonders of the Church. As the whole cathedral has lots of secret meanings, most of the architect wonders are inspired by natural elements and all the facade of the Church has a great history inspiring tourist to feel the hardship put together by sculptors and artisans in making the holy place as one of the most awed UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • Visit the cathedral during sunset hours. Even though all the hours are best time to visit the magnificent church, however if you prefer to watch the wonders of the light reflecting through the stained-glass windows visit during the sun set. The golden shine over the windows make the place looks heavenly and is one of the reasons of Gaudi to design Sagrada Familla.
  • Have the camera with you when you visit this mystical church to capture the beauty of this mysterious place. Especially when you are visiting in the early evening hours when the sunlight is changing.
  • Wear garments modestly even in summer season. As it is a sacred place wearing off shoulder dress, shorts or deep neck dresses won’t be appropriate.

Hence, make sure to buy Sagrada Familla tickets well in advance to enjoy the excitement and majestic sightseeing attractions the holy place has to offer its visitors.