Have Fun Affordably At the Chedi Club

The Chedi Club is one of the best places to visit for a family-focused nice time. It is a unique place designed to give you and yours a wonderful vacation experience, as well as, allow the two of you to rediscover those beautiful things that brought you close to each other at the initial stage of your shared love.  The Bali Ubud family accommodation can help to straighten the rough edges in your love life since every moment is designed just for you and yours.

The Chedi Club has all the amenities that you can ever hope for in a relaxation centre and you will undoubtedly feel at home even while you are away from home. Continue reading to learn about those features that make this place the best place to take your beloved wife and kids for fun and relaxation.

Bali Ubud family accommodation

Affordable services

The Chedi Club may provide one of the best family accommodations in the world, but the services provided here are among the most affordable. If you are living on a budget and need to relax with your loved ones, there is no better place to do that than this outlet. If work has taken too much of your time that you rarely have time to spare for your loved ones, the Bali Ubud family accommodation will allow you to make up for the lost time.

There is no better place to strengthen the bond of love between husband and wife than at this outlet.  If a similar service has proved to be too expensive elsewhere, all you have to do is to come down here and you can access an even better service at the most affordable cost you can ever imagine.

Unique benefits to note

The Chedi Club has so many benefits that you can never find in many other similar places providing family accommodation.  For one, every new person will be provided with a welcome drink to bid you welcome and to help calm your fray nerves after a long journey.  You and your loved ones will also be provided with personal butler service and the butlers are ever ready to serve you for as long as you stay here.

Additionally, you will be served with daily a la carte breakfast for you and your loved ones all through your stay at any of the family accommodation units. Furthermore, you will be well supplied with fresh seasonal fruits on daily basis deliver to your suite or villa.  You can look forward to tea every afternoon between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Sunset cocktails will also be provided between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm daily.  The vial is fitted with a minibar containing different selections of alcoholic drinks, beverages and snacks; these goodies will be replenished once daily during your stay at The Chedi Club.