Getting the Most Out of Your Trip to Morocco

If you’re due to fly to Morocco for the first time in the next few months, you’ll be interested to learn what’s waiting for you when you arrive. Of course, each traveller will have their very own experience, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you have the best trip possible. Here are a few ideas and suggestions to keep in mind to do just that:

Pick a base

If you haven’t already booked your accommodation, that should be the next thing on your list to complete. However many people do choose to stay in Marrakech as there is so much to do there, as well as being relatively central to a number of wider attractions that would make ideal day trips.

Plan your excursions

Once you know where you’re staying, you’ll be able to book coach trips and other excursions to add a bit of excitement to your trip. There are so many wonderful things you could do, but one of the most popular days out is a visit to the Atlas Mountains. They are based only 40 miles from Marrakech, so you can go for a day or maybe a few, depending on what you want to do. You can actually stay in the mountain region in accommodation at higher altitudes; you won’t get air much fresher than here! Other places to go include the resort of Essaouira on the Atlantic coast, and Fez where the food is wonderful.

Research what’s nearby

Of course, you’ll want to have a few experiences local to your hotel too. Marrakech surely wins in these stakes as the city is both chic and vibrant. There are top class restaurants as well as traditional souks where locals come to buy items, meet with friends, and chill out over a cup of mint tea. There is so much history to discover in Moroccan cities that you’ll end up wondering why on earth you’ve never visited before! Luckily there are some amazing Marrakech hotels, as well as resorts away from the capital city.There are ancient mosques, squares, mosaics and fountains that are certainly worth checking out and taking a few pictures of. Have a look online to find out what interests you the most and mark their locations on a map.

Find some restaurants

It’s also worth doing some research into restaurants nearby to your hotel. It can all feel a bit overwhelming when you arrive in a foreign country, so being prepared can certainly work in your favour. After a couple of days you’ll know the local streets and alleys like the back of your hand, but until then it might be wise to rely on what you learn before you go. Have a look at popular review websites to see which restaurants are rated the best, and then use the filters to look at those that will be closest to where you’re staying. You might even find special recommendations about which meals to try!