Find out the best place to achieve your dream Cambodia island escapade experience

Traveling is one of the best reward a person could have, particularly if you are traveling for leisure, relaxation and total detoxification from the busy and hectic lifestyle of the city; not to mention the pressures given by massive loadworks from jobs. There are different places to choose from, which offers varieties of beautiful terrains, blue seas, gentle tropical breeze, and even wide grassy plains where anyone could build a camp. These being given, tropical getaway is one of the most common travel idea picked by travelers, and there are different travel destinations that offers the best tropical getaway experiences. One of these is the beautiful kingdom of Cambodia, and in this article, we will tackle and find out Cambodia beach hotels that will surely highlight your travel experience.

Cambodia beach hotels

Officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia, Cambodia offers the best tourists spots, from the famous Angkor Wat, to the ruins of Banteay Srei, it’s no wonder why Cambodia is always listed in every traveler’s list. With its beautiful nature and mesmerizing heritage spots, every tourist will surely love Cambodia. However, heritage sites and magnificent ruins aren’t just the place to look at Cambodia, at the country also offers its majestic beaches, that offers a soothing and relaxing view of the Cambodian coastline. With a huge number of choices to choose from, travels are having a hard time to Cambodia beach hotels, but fret not as here are some examples of the best beach hotels in Cambodia to choose from.

Find out Cambodia beach hotels

A website named Songsaa advertised their resort that offers the best island getaway, the place really gives an ambiance of relaxation, peace, that will surely soothe those stress away. Located in the Koh Rong Archipelago, which can be reached by a speedboat ride from Sihanoukville port, the island offers a tropical vibe: fine white sands, tall coconut and palm trees that dances along with the fresh and soothing tropical breeze, and its clear blue sea that features the beauty of the Cambodian coastline.

Song Saa private island offers 24 private pool villas, 2 restaurant and bars which offers delicious delicacies and drinks, with large infinity pool as well as its spa and wellness sanctuaries to highlight that relaxation you are aiming. Aside from these, the place also offers different programmes such as different water sports, cultural and ecological programs, private beach and even private mooring. Find out Cambodia beach hotels and choose Song Saa for that perfect island getaway.


The place offers the best tropical island getaway, with its cheap rates but sophisticated amenities, not to mention its luxurious hotels that offers an island vibe while staring at the majestic Cambodian coastline, Song Saa is a place that hovers near the equivalent of paradise.