Enjoy Luxurious STAY IN DEVON

Devonshire in the South West England is a region that experiences the four weather seasons all year round just like most European countries and regions. Cold winters and warm summers are part and parcel of weather and climate expectations. As a result, travel to Devon, short form of Devonshire, is predictable and can easily be planned for beforehand.


Devon happens to have attraction sites for local and international visitors. Year in, year out, the region is a haven of visitors through major attractions sites and activities that are known all over the world. They include:

1. The watermouth castle – this spectacular work of ancient architecture is thrilling and takes you back in time with the antiques and all the olden days memories in real life and just in front of you.

2. Tuckers malting – a major attraction for lovers of local traditional brew. Here, a step-by-step tour of how the traditional liquor is brewed is given and out of that, a lot of curiosity is killed.

3. Canonteign falls – located at teign valley in England, is a wonderful site, very natural, full of flowers and wildlife

4. Quince honey farm – get the knowledge of large scale honey production from the experts and maybe also have some honey eating time here just for you.

5. Living coasts – showcases all the marine life especially the penguins and the seals.

Well, all these sites and many more exist in the beautiful region of Devon. So what next after getting yourself there? You definitely need a place to keep your head for the night and even for the day. There are many hotels to stay in Devon and they are widely spread. But the knowledge of where to stay and the quality of each place is all dependent on what research has been by experts and reviews from travelers.


The hotels in Devon are as many as the word many can be but there are standing out hotels that are famous and good for you at all times. Best Devon hotels include:

Raymond house

There is an option for single and double rooms at Raymond house. His means that singles and couple are well catered for by this option. The meals served are hearty and mostly organic straight from the farm.

Percy’s country hotel

It is known for its fantastic food and a relaxing chill out zone for with a good view of the heart of Devon

Highcliffe hotel

situated uphill towards Mike and Karen Orchard’s Lynton B&B. Having it uphill provides a scenic beauty of the hills and surrounding environment. It is a romantic feeling especially for a couple.

Victoria house

Provides a perfect view of the sea and the mountains and cliffs surrounding it. The rooms are well lit and the breakfast offer is satisfying with cereals and salmon

Arundell arms hotel

If you are interested in fishing, there are trainings offered here and after all, the hotel is easily accessible since it is in the heart of Devon, in Lifton town.

The Henley

Situated along the seashore in south Devon. Dream of a beach house, here is a dream come true even if for a short while. It has a private beach access with a praise of wonderful cooking. At least no stomachs will complain.

 Watersmeet hotel

Fabulous view of north coast Devon is experienced with local foods that are deliciously prepared. In room spa services are also available for you and there is a direct access to a sandy beach just below the hotel.

Kaywanna hall

An adult only hotel with private room entries and outside terraces perfect for privacy and get away.


Although small, it is a coastal hotel with beautiful rooms and decors with intimate feeling. The rooms are furnished with four-poster beds, which make them romantic.

These are among the best Devon hotels available for you during your visit to Devonshire. The selection depends on you and your taste together with the type of company you have. Feel free to go through all the hotels and there charges and make a reservation that matches your pocket and lifestyle. The kinds of cuisines in these hotels are mostly organic and therefore friendly to you and also give you a chance to consume fresh products.