Best Shopping Destinations in Portugal

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable thing because it provides great revelations about new places. Each one of us are curious to select their best shopping destinations when In Europe, Portugal is home to some of the most beautiful spots, rich culture and unique heritage. From cities, magnificent museums and scenic countryside, your travel to Portugal will no doubt be unforgettable. Here are 6 most captivated spots in Portugal for you to shop and realize the highest value for your money.

Aveiro city
• This is a special spot famously referred to as the Venice of Portugal.
• Tourists enjoy leisurely rides as they view massive canals and bridges only comparable to Venice’s gondolas.
• Visitors also see historic building such as Aveiro Cathedral, Carmelite Church and Camara Cathedral. Make sure to also visit Santo Antonio Park and Dom Pedro Children’s Park.
• This is a historic square in Lisbon city located between Baixa Pombalina and Bairo Alto neighborhood.
• It gives you a mix of old and commercial establishments with particular reference to Carmo. Tourists visit the city to purchase books, pottery and garments.
• You will also experience the Bairo neighborhood with lovely house and narrow streets.

The Caste of Sao George
• This is a breathtaking Moorish Castle that occupies the hilltop overlooking historic Lisbon city. It has fortified citadel dating back to medieval Portuguese era.
• A visit to the top gives you the spectacular view of the city and River Tagus which will no doubt be unforgettable.
• The castle has rich history in form of artwork such as the 16th century manuscript of Lisbon prepared by Duarte Galvalo and 1572 Caravel and Carracks inside Tagus River.

Gulbenkian Museum
This museum is located in Lisbon and has wide collection of vintage and modern art. It prides as one of the richest places for tourists to get connection between contemporary and ancient Europe. Whether you live in Lisbon or come from other cities in the world, the museum will be stunning. Among the most attractive things in the museum are;
• European art which is dedicated to painting, decorative arts, sculpture and books. You will get artistic works for Europe dating back to 11th century.
• Renaissance art from France, Italy, and Holland made of different materials is carefully displayed.
• The works displayed are collected from some of the best European artists. A total of about 6000 items are on display.

Praca de Comercio
• This is a beautiful and must see plaza for every Lisbon visitor. It faces the famous Tagus River and will make you feel at the top of this historic city.
• It was named Praca de Comercio as an indication of new Lisbon role in 1775. It is marked by a bronze statue of King Jose I.
25 de Abril Bridge
• This bridge connects Lisbon and Amada across River Rejo. Standing on the bridge and viewing the mighty river and cities of Lisbon and Amada is magnificent.
• You will be amazed by engineering mastery as you are left to wonder how the mighty bridge was put up.
• Make sure to capture every moment you will be on the bridge.

The 6 Captivated Spots in Portugal will make every moment in Portugal unforgettable. You will get this special experience which is supplemented by great hospitality of Portuguese. For tourists who would also like to visit the US, do not forget to check eligibility with ESTA. Make every minute of your touring unforgettable.