Adventure Tours To Russia Keeps Up The Excitement Of Tourists

Russia is the only country that has everything a serious and mature tourist could expect from a touring destination. People of all ages, professions and nationalities can find a lot of interesting places to visit and things to do during their visit to this amazing place in this world. This country is best place for those who are planning adventure tours to Russia. Russia is an ultimate choice for adventurous people living in every part of the world. If you have made up your mind to explore the adventurous places and activities in Russia, then you can get the most useful information for your next trip here

  1. Dive in Ruskealamarble quarry:

This famous tourist destination is just a 5 hour drive from St. Petersburg and is on the border of Finland. This quarry was used for the construction of myriad churches and beautiful palaces. This has been a popular tourist attraction but now has become famous for diving as well. The crystal clear turquoise green water become clearer on good sunny days. The visibility reaches up to 10m. there are some places in there, where the depth reaches up to 72m. There are many worth visiting chambers and some different levels where you can easily reach right from the main pool area. If you are not interested in diving then you can get engaged in some other adventurous activities like hiking through beautiful and natural pine forests and rowing your boat while exploring all the caves there.

  1. Altai region hiking:

Russia, as already mentioned is a country full of adventurous spots and activities for the tourists. Hiking is one of the popular ones. There are many natural places like mountains and reserves where you can go for short and long hikes but Altai is an area incomparable to any other place for hiking. This huge area is spread between four countries including China, Magnolia, Russia and Kazakhstan. This naturally beautiful region is blessed with mesmerizing spots which are not only great for hiking for rafting and horseback riding too. This place has all which an adventurous tourist can ever wish for. There are breathtaking lakes having turquoise colored water, feelingly cold mountain rivers, glaciers, deep and thick forests, caves and the list goes on and on.

Those who are fond of multi day hiking, should definitely visit Altai. For passionate and adventurous tourists, a hike to the highest mountain, Belukha Mountain should not be missed anyway. This hikes take around 10 days to complete. All the hikers must be well prepared for facing the unpredictable weather in this region. They must have the right gears for wet, cold and windy weathers. They should also be prepared for multiple river crossing and walks for days and days.

It won’t be wrong saying that Altai hiking is too tough but it is rewarding at the same time. The views of natural landscape are spectacular and this untouched natural beauty is packed with surprises for the tourists.

Above mentioned are just two of the many adventurous activities that can be enjoyed during