5 Romantic Destinations in UK to go for a Honeymoon

Candle light diners are perfect as are cards and flowers, but if you are looking to have the best super-date ever, then this is not enough. For a perfect date, you need to forget the usual run-of-the-mill things and take her away to one of those romantic places. Here are some of the best romantic UK destinations to go for a Honeymoon.

 St. Ives, Cornwall

After spending the day on the beach is there anything more romantic and memorable as watching the sun go down?

St. Ives is a beautiful seaside town with some amazing scenery and eating places. Its closeness to the shoreline makes perfect for chips and fish. The Port minster Beach Café is one of the best places for a portion draped in paper however, if you are looking for a place classier, The Crabs Bay Hotel is the place for you. It is one of the places that offer a gourmet dining with a perfect seafront views. An evening spent here will definitely earn you some dating brownie points. The quaint cottages of St. Ives and the snaking cobbled street will certainly make you fall in love. However, if you want a place where you can enjoy yourself away from the shores, you can head to the Steeple Woodland for a nature walk or a picnic.


Cambridge is one of the oldest cities and is home to some of the oldest UK universities. This city is full of different culture and people from different parts of the world, making it an ideal dating destination. You can spend the morning at the Fitzwilliam Museum, roving through the captivating art collections and then take a pun net of strawberries and a bottle of champers for a walk down the river. You can also go punting.

There are some restaurants along the shores (Midsummer house has 2 Michelin stars) and there are some quaint villages e.g. Granchester which can be accessed from the riverside cycle paths. If exploring sounds good for you, you can head north and discover the stunning Ely cathedral and the home of Oliver Cromwell. You can also travel south to the old town of Saffron Walden and the magnificent Adelyn End garden and house.


Bath is another place with amazing places for a date. For one, its main attractive feature, Roman Bath which is suitably also its namesake is one of the things you can do here. You can also visit the Pump Room (this is one of those places that make you feel like you are travelling back in time to more elegant era.) for a cup of tea. You can also take a walk and enjoy the view of Sham Castle. If your date does not experience vertigo, you can also take a balloon ride over the ancient city and enjoy fantastic panoramic views.


Next on our list is London. UK capital city definitely makes one of the most romantic places for a date. From the bustle and hustle of the central business district to the countryside environment of Wimbledon village, there are plenty of romantic things to do. For instance you can visit the parliament hill (one of the tourist attractive features). You can also visit the farmers market, try some kite flying or just enjoy the sight. If you are feeling tired and hungry, you can head to Villa Bianca for a delicious piece of homemade pasta, fresh lobster and tender veal.

Other romantic things you can do in London include; a boat ride from Venice to Camden or take a trip to Portobello market. You can spend your afternoon shopping for antiques and browsing for vintage clothing and street food.


This is another romantic city full of historical features. Its popular attractive feature is definitely the Canterbury Cathedral which offer tours about its history and is home to Archbishop of Canterbury (head of Church of England). It is the perfect place to go for a date especially if you date is a religious person. In the afternoon you can take a boat ride across river Tour or take a bus to Henri Bay where you can relax and enjoy the sea breeze. If you are one of those people who believe that, a date without food is not a date, you can visit the farmers market where you can have some fresh and tasty morsel before you head to an onsite restaurant for a scrumptious, seasonal food.

If you want to impress the gent or lady you are dating these are the best places to visit. For more information and guidance you can look for Ukba UK border agency contact.